Sunday, November 30, 2008

I believe the most difficult thing in existence is to plan out your future. I have never been any good at it. I have always managed to live in the moment and to shun predictions of the future. However, I do like to have an idea of what path I would like to follow if I live long enough to stand before it. I have always dreamed of design evolving into something much more than an inexplicit cultural phenomenon. I would be much happier seeing it as a beacon of unity for all great minds to gather, similar to a political party or a union. All great minds would work together to solve problems and take humanity beyond our very comprehensible limits.
Seeing as this notion is incredibly unlikely, I will share a dream that serves as a more tangible opportunity. I would like to start a company that buys corporate waste and turns it into household products. Turning waste into waste seems as though it is the most sensible way to approach the problem of cost-efficiency and sustainability. In addition, this company would be take back products that have been discarded, and use them in different ways that benefit humanity. An example would be to use the wood from spent furniture to build a shelter for a refugee family. The company would be named Egabrag, garbage backwards. Maybe that will even be the slogan; “garbage backwards”. So as you can see, I do a little bit of dreaming, but defining my future remains impossibly.
I suppose I am aware of my mission as a designer, and it is simply to make sense. I don’t want to go out into the world and design glittery handbags or classy phones, rather aid humanity it its ability to sustainably innovate. Making trash out of resources is insensible. Running a society off of resources is insensible. Not to say there is no room for beautiful products, rather to infer a balance in their manufacturing processes.
Humans have done a funny thing. It is natural for things to die and return to earth in relative haste. Humans have created some things that the earth will never assimilate with. This notion of non assimilation is difficult to grasp considering it is un-natural. I always like to think of the dynamic of humans and earth is similar to that of a mother and her child. Each stage of our evolution is another era in the life of a child. When we were Neanderthals, we were the innocent baby cared for by the earth. We slowly grew older and started to break away from our mother. But soon, just as all people realize, we will need the dynamic that is our mother.
It isn’t easy to structure my train of thought, and I apologize for any confusion suffered during this essay. It isn’t easy for me to comprehend my life, let alone the universe. In reality I have no idea what my life will become. All that I can safely say is that I am thoroughly excited, and grateful for all of the events prior to this moment of my existence. I’m not just excited on my own behalf, but on humanity’

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