Saturday, November 22, 2008

Since the birth of my consciousness, I have lived two lives. One on land, and one at sea. This world of endless horizon was made known to me by my father, a merchant marine captain who has spent his entire life in water. It is psychologically and physically the hardest environment in which an organism can survive. Unlike the land, when your ocean bound you are bound to your resources at hand. You are vulnerable to the howling winds, rolling waves and scorching sun.
This early exposure of this world gave me insight as a designer. My upbringings were not that of an artist, but a handy man. I was exposed to unique experiences that make it easy to empathize with certain situations. My description of the ocean is a direct reflection of my life.
When discussing design, I am purely a functionalist. I like to achieve the most use out of the smallest amount of material and energy. I believe that all design should serve some sort of function and or purpose other than aesthetics. It does not make sense for a company to manufacture products out of new resources. It is impractical considering the fact that their product will eventually become waste. We should be making waste out of waste, and leave the natural resources to projects that are more permanent.
What I am describing is not green design, rather it is a more practical way to solve problems. Junk made of Junk. I associate green design with expensive short term products for the few who think that world can be “saved” using their egos as life rafts. The world just needs mankind to start making sense, to stop contradicting the natural ways of our species.

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